Cosmetology Curriculum

Requirements for Completion

Complete required course in Cosmetology of 1,500 clocked hours. Students need to pass all assigned courses with an average of 75%. Upon graduation, all students receive a diploma. Courses prepare you for entry into the field of Cosmetology: Hairstylist, Colorist, Manicurist, Pedicurist, Skin Care.


Licensing Requirements

Each student is to pass a theory state board exam with an average of 70% given by an independent examing company.


Phase I. Freshman

The first 200 scheduled clocked hours of basic training are confined to theoretical and practical (mannequin) work. Student progress is recorded at all times in personal development, understanding in the profession, bacteriology, sanitation and sterilization, people skills, shampooing, scalp treatments, hair cutting, perming and hair design.


Phase II. Intermediate

From 200 to 1200 scheduled clocked hours, students continue classes in skin care, manicuring, pedicures, hair coloring, foiling, hair cutting and state laws. Students work in the clinic of the school applying services to "models".


Phase III. Senior

From 1200 to 1500 scheduled clocked hours, students predominately work in the clinic, completing practical and theory assignments and take mock state board exams. Upon completion of 1500 clocked hours, an affidavit is sent to the State Board of Cosmetology enabling, the graduate to take the State Board examination. The exam consists of 105 questions and is held every other month by an examining company.

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