Esthetics Curriculum


To complete our basic course of esthetics, you must attend a minimum of 600 hours which is extended over a 17 week period of time. The esthetics course trains students in basic theory and practical aspects of skin care. Our goal is to prepare students for entry level employment opportunities. The course is designed to assist the students in developing proper habits of sanitation, health and safety in the process of esthetics. A positive attitude and ethical business practices are also emphasized throughout the course. A new class starts approximately every 4 months.

The tuition for our Esthetics course is $7,390.00 for classes starting in the 2016 school year. You will also need books and a full kit wich will cost $1000 and a lab fee of $1800.00 There is also a non refundable registration fee of $150 for all courses at the Academy

  • Tuition: $7,390.00
  • Books & Kit: $1,000.00
  • Lab Fee: $1,800.00
  • Non Refundable Registration Fee: $150.00
  • Total Cost: $10,340.00
Books Used

Milady Textbook and Workbook
Upon completion of required scheduled clocked hours and a passing with 75% in all subjects, students will graduate and receive an esthetics certificate.

Graduate Corner